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The Centre for Sociology of Democracy studies democracy in modern societies. Our projects deal with democracy from different perspectives and with different methods.


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Snapshots of 21st Century Citizenship: New Approaches to Young Citizens’ Political Practices (12–13 Dec)

Two-day seminar, Tampere University

Engagements, grammars, and the public: From the liberal grammar to individual interests

Veikko Eranti’s article in European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology 5(1-2), 2018 argues that the way the sociology of engagements is currently formulated does not sufficiently allow for analysing public participation and disputes in situations where individual interests play a crucial role in public debates. The article presents a slight reformulation of what Thévenot calls the grammar of individuals in a liberal public (sic), based on a) an understanding of how individual interests relate to the common good and general will, b) the constitution of legitimate actors within polities, and c) the separation between the levels of generality and publicity. This reformulation might be called the grammar of individual interests, clarifying and simplifying earlier terminology.

Education and climate activism: Youth democratic practices and imaginations towards a common world

In this editorial Carla Malafaia,Maria Fernandes-Jesus and Eeva Luhtakallio discuss the diverse ways young generations have become mobilized in new ways to tackle the climate crisis and picture ways towards a common world and practices.


The editorial is written for volume 62 of Educação, Sociedade & Culturas, which explores issues concerning practices and representations of the activist climate movement, rural and urban engagements towards sustainable futures, empowering children and young people to address climate change and children’s environmental citizenship in and out of the school community.

The editorial is published open access and is available here.