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The Centre for Sociology of Democracy studies democracy in modern societies. Our projects deal with democracy from different perspectives and with different methods.


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Snapshots of 21st Century Citizenship: New Approaches to Young Citizens’ Political Practices (12–13 Dec)

Two-day seminar, Tampere University

Engagements, grammars, and the public: From the liberal grammar to individual interests

Veikko Eranti’s article in European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology 5(1-2), 2018 argues that the way the sociology of engagements is currently formulated does not sufficiently allow for analysing public participation and disputes in situations where individual interests play a crucial role in public debates. The article presents a slight reformulation of what Thévenot calls the grammar of individuals in a liberal public (sic), based on a) an understanding of how individual interests relate to the common good and general will, b) the constitution of legitimate actors within polities, and c) the separation between the levels of generality and publicity. This reformulation might be called the grammar of individual interests, clarifying and simplifying earlier terminology.

POSTPONED: Visual Studies Lab Masterclass: How to study the visual in social media?

The planned Masterclass on visual analysis at the University of Helsinki has been postponed.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

The event has been postponed. We will update on the new event date as soon as possible.

The Visual Studies Lab, in collaboration with the ImagiDem project, organizes a one-day Masterclass offered to PhD students and early post-docs engaged with or interested in visual analysis and research. The Masterclass is taught by Associate Professor Katrin Tiidenberg (Tallinn University) and Senior Lecturer Leena-Maija Rossi (University of Helsinki). The progamme consists of a lecture on methodologies of social media research by prof. Tiidenberg, and workshops discussing participants’ contributions, led by the two visual culture experts. The final programme depends on the number of participants enrolled.

Provisional programme:

9.15 Welcome to the MasterClass + Visual Studies Lab introductions: Eeva Luhtakallio (University of Helsinki) and Asko Lehmuskallio (Tampere University)

9.45 Keynote: Associate professor Katrin Tiidenberg (Tallinn University): How to study visual social media?

11.30 Discussion and comments

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Workshop 1

14.45 Coffee

15.00 Workshop 2

16.45 Closing discussion


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